Screenshots of an app, taking a photo of a user
SPP Retirement Dream Generator

SPP aimed to redefine themselves as pension dream enablers, moving beyond traditional pension management. They sought a digital solution to engage potential customers at events and integrate into their annual marketing campaigns. Jungle worked in collaboration with the communications agency, Drum, to develop a service using generative AI to create unique and personal content featuring dream pensions, with shareable media for social networks.

Drum / SPP
5 weeks

UX Design

UI Design

Web Development


Brand-building experience

A screenshot of an AI-generated image

A service that helps SPP to build their brand at events - in particular TechArena and Almedalsveckan. The objective was to create an experience that is a conversation starter for SPP and prospective customers. The experience in question is a generative AI service that allows users to see themselves in their retirement dream.


A key aspect of the process in this project was user testing. Although the user experience itself is short and simple - users take a photo of themselves and write their retirement dream, then the service generates and image - the difficulty is to produce consistent and good quality generations. In order to achieve this, it was essential on multiple levels to test our mechanism. Firstly, to ensure consistent results, but secondly, to ensure that the service is inclusive. Generative AI services are typically not trained on a diverse set of folks, and as such, it was essential that we built a mechanism that subverted that. Testing with a diverse group of people and perspectives was invaluable as it allowed us to identify a wide range of needs within the generative AI process.

A photo of a convention stall with the group of people working at it

SPP’s retirement dream generator is a simple and easy-to-use digital service that allows users to visualize their retirement dreams. Fully automated, the dream generator uses a tested mechanism to identify folks, generate images, and change the likeness to fit the individual. It is created with diversity and inclusion in mind, and with respect to the user’s privacy.


SPP’s retirement dream generator invited 350 users on it’s first appearance at TechArena to visualize their retirement dreams. The experience was a much talked about part of the event. The next phase is to adapt the service and release it to the public alongside marketing activities.