A mockup of a branding page, describing the brand identity, it says 'Purposeful content to be taken seriously. Annotations to add humour and personality.'

Narrative was born from a process of using generative AI to generate articles. The team at Narrative came to us with a streamlined process of prompting that produced consistent and useful results. With their prompt structure, they were able to produce SEO-optimized articles, but needed help automating the process and offering it to users. Jungle worked with the team to create a brand, design a service, and build the market-ready product.

8 weeks

UX Design

Brand Design

Web Development


Launch of new product

A screenshot of a marketing website for an AI tool

The objective for Narrative was to launch a product to market. This required creating the brand, building an autonomous mechanism, and designing the user experience.


Jungle worked in a close collaboration with the team at Narrative to bring their idea to life. Through fast-paced sprints with regular feedback loops, we were able to create a company and launch it to market in 8 weeks.

A company logo that has the word 'Narrative' in it

Narrative is an AI-based solution that uses a unique prompt-structure to generate SEO-focused content. With Narrative, users can create high-performing content in minutes.

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Jungle delivered a brand identity for Narrative, that told the story of serious content creation with a personality. With that, we made a marketing site for them to showcase the service, as well as calling for visitors to sign up to Narrative. The main delivery, though, was to design and build the service. With Narrative, users have a pedagogical experience with useful results.