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Charge Amps sought to comprehend the decision-making behavior of customers choosing their wallbox for electric car charging. The objective was to optimize targeted marketing strategies by precisely reaching key decision-makers. This understanding would not only lead to budget savings but also contribute to achieving better results in the market.

3 weeks

Customer Research


Adapting to different markets

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Prior to making media investments, it is crucial to identify key influencers in both B2B and B2C markets for Charge Amps. This proactive approach ensures a targeted allocation of resources, allowing the alignment of channels, messages, and digital sales experiences to yield more precise and effective outcomes. Additionally, a deep understanding of their customers' preferences and behaviors further enhances the optimization process, contributing to a more nuanced and tailored marketing strategy. This comprehensive approach not only saves on budget but also results in a more resonant and impactful engagement with their audience.


Embracing a human-centered approach, we embarked on a comprehensive exploration of the customer journey through in-depth interviews. This investigative process provided valuable insights into the customers' needs, preferences, and experiences. Building on these findings, we crafted thoughtful concept designs that prioritize user satisfaction and engagement. Throughout this journey, stakeholder involvement remained integral, ensuring a collaborative and inclusive development process. By placing the customer at the heart of our strategy, we aim to create solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations, fostering meaningful and user-centric outcomes.

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The delivery of insightful findings and well-crafted solutions paved the way for strategic adjustments in media investments in the Nordics. This comprehensive approach resulted in clearer communication, refined briefs for the advertising agency, the establishment of a certification program, and a successful rebranding initiative. 
By addressing these critical areas, the solution aimed to enhance overall marketing effectiveness and market presence.


In tandem with the implemented solutions, strategic sales recommendations were introduced. This proactive step led to a substantial reduction in the media budget while concurrently maintaining a high level of effectiveness. The result was a harmonious blend of cost savings and sustained impact, showcasing the success of the adapted media investment strategy in achieving both efficiency and efficacy.