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Garageportexperten, a leading provider of garage doors, aims to boost customer engagement and increase the volume of customer leads on its e-commerce platform and website. The primary focus is not just on quantity but also on elevating the quality of leads. The objective is to ensure that each lead reflects a clear and defined action, such as scheduling a home visit, requesting a quote, contacting a sales representative, or completing a purchase. Aiming for creating a cost-effectively and user-friendly sales experience.

5 Weeks

User research

UX Design

Web development


Significant increase of sales leads

A screenshot of a webapp, on mobile, that allows users to visualise garage doors on their own home

As media investment costs continue to rise, achieving improved results in converting leads into paying customers necessitates more economical efforts. The industry is witnessing the emergence of new competitors, characterized by larger financial resources and expansive customer bases. In light of these dynamics, it becomes crucial to strategize and optimize the cost-effectiveness of lead conversion initiatives


The human-centered process began with interviews of 20 customers who had used Garageportexpertens website. We discovered a key customer need: the desire to visualize how a garage door would look on their own property before purchasing. Collaborating with customers, we designed and developed a new digital sales experience, continuously testing and refining with their feedback. The entire process, from briefing to service launch, took four weeks, ensuring the digital salesexperience met customer preferences and expectations, the excisting tech structure and create values for the business.

A screenshot of a webapp that allows users to book a service for their garage door

Jungle addressed customer needs and expectations, aiming for more quality leads. They created a user-friendly digital experience integrated into the e-commerce platform and a dedicated campaign page on Garageportexpertens' website. 
By utilizing e-commerce data and customer garage photos, Jungle developed a simple yet effective solution. This solution allowed users to visualize and choose from 17,200 garage door variations based on color, texture, features, and size. The result was a cost-effective tool that pleased potential customers and improved lead quality.


The launched digital sales experience achieved outstanding results with minimal maintenance. The first three months saw record-breaking sales for Garageportexperten, with a remarkable 240% increase in high-quality leads. Additionally, the solution is primed for integration into interactive banners and linked content in Visma Business quotes, highlighting its adaptability and ongoing potential for success.

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