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In collaboration with the startup Plussa, we guided them from the conceptual stage to a user-tested prototype. Plussa sought our expertise as they navigated the path towards pre-seeding rounds, eager to engage with investors for essential funding. 
Our tailored approach involved not only bringing their initial idea to life but also ensuring its resonance with end-users through testing. This strategic process positions Plussa at the forefront of investor discussions, equipped with a robust and user-approved prototype ready for the next phase of funding and growth.

12 Weeks




ATO 200-250 Mkr

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Our primary objective in collaborating with Plussa was to assist them in presenting a compelling prototype to potential investors for funding. Armed with the extensive research they had diligently collected, Plussa shared their insights with our team. Through collaborative scoping sessions, we defined the essential elements to be incorporated into the prototype. The overarching goal was to craft a tangible and realistic representation that not only showcased the depth of their research but also significantly enhanced their prospects of securing funding from investors.


Harnessing our human-centered process, we commenced with a series of workshops to comprehend the current state of Plussa and prioritize key elements for the prototype. 
Our close collaboration with Plussa's founders facilitated instant feedback on designs, optimizing the use of their expertise and saving valuable time. In addition to our design role, we took charge of project management, ensuring a seamless transition from the initial brief to the swift development of the prototype. This integrated approach strengthened our partnership and expedited the overall progress of the project. We went from idea to user-tested prototype in 3 weeks.

Two screenshots of a mental health app, one with a checkin screen, and one to book meetings with psychologists

The culmination of our efforts resulted in a fully functioning high-fidelity prototype showcasing crucial pages and functionalities within Plussa. Through iterative user feedback and leveraging the founders' wealth of knowledge, we strategically identified and prioritized key scenarios within the prototype. The scenarios serve as compelling selling points, illustrating to potential investors why Plussa's services are not only innovative but also highly desirable in the market.


Collaborating closely with Plussa yielded significant success, as they secured pre-seed funding. This financial support empowers them to progress from the prototype stage to the development of a MVP, marking a pivotal step forward in bringing their service to the market.