A screenshot of Nyheter24 mobile website. It is a news publication.

Nyheter24, a popular news website with over 2 million unique visitors weekly, aimed to enhance its advertisement exposure while reinforcing its position as a platform for diverse journalism. To achieve this goal, they engaged Jungle's designers, leading a team comprising journalists, editors-in-chief, investors, and developers. Applying design thinking and user-centered design decisions, a new design system was crafted to improve the reading experience and offer users more relevant and engaging articles.

5 weeks

Brand Design

Design System

UI Design

UX Design


Higher reader volume and retention

A screenshot of Nyheter24 mobile website. It is a news publication.

Increase advertisement exposure on Nyheter24's platform. Position Nyheter24 as a platform for broader and more engaging journalism. Enhance user experience and increase time spent on the website.


Understanding and Analysis: The team analyzed user behaviors, traffic patterns, and existing technical constraints to identify challenges and opportunities. Design System Development: A new design framework was developed to adapt to different devices (mobile, tablet, desktop) and complement the client's technical infrastructure and CRM system. Collaborative Work: Journalists, editors, and developers collaborated to create content and implement the new design system. Testing and Iteration: Prototypes and beta versions of the site were continuously tested to ensure usability and effectiveness. Implementation and Publishing: After weeks of work, the new system was implemented and published on Nyheter24's website.

A screenshot of articles on an iPad screen

Development of a new design system enhancing the reading experience and highlighting relevant articles for users. Adaptation to different devices and technical constraints to ensure a seamless user experience. Focus on user-centered design and journalistic breadth to attract and retain visitors.


After implementation, an immediate increase in the number of articles read and the average time visitors spent on the site was observed. Increased advertisement exposure as a result of heightened user interaction and longer sessions on the site. Within a few weeks of launch, a significant increase in advertisement exposure and a strengthened position for Nyheter24 as a platform for quality journalism were noted. The successful collaboration between Nyheter24 and Jungle demonstrates the importance of using design thinking and user-centered design not only to improve user experience but also to achieve business goals such as increased advertisement exposure and enhanced brand positioning.