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In this dynamic collaboration, Jungle seamlessly integrates into ICA's innovation ecosystem, actively engaging with topics and focus areas provided by ICAx. Leveraging rapid design sprints and prototyping methodologies, Jungle navigates the journey from concept ideation to the development of MVPs.This process thrives on continuous user and customer engagement, fostering a seamless fusion of external expertise and internal innovation. The outcome propels ICAx towards cutting-edge solutions that effectively resonate with end-users.


User research

UX Design

Concept Development


MVP Development


Rapidly created MVPs

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Step in as an external expert team to assist ICAx in bringing their ideas to life and testing them with real users. With expertise in research, design, prototyping, and development, we offer a comprehensive skill set perfect for building on initial concepts. Creating fast and qualitative MVPs that are ready for testing with real users..

Our ongoing partnership with ICAx allows us to seamlessly jump in at any stage of the process, providing valuable support.


Leveraging our process and expertise, we actively contribute to ICAx's innovation journey. Whether adopting an idea or concept at various stages of the process, our involvement ranges from guiding the entire design process to MVP development. We're flexible, adept at projects focusing on design, development, or a combination of both, ensuring delivery aligned with specific requirements.

Typically, we transition from idea to MVP within a span of 
3-4 weeks, concurrently engaging users for feedback to enhance the concept through testing.

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Our solutions for ICAx are tailored to the unique needs of each project. Frequently, we've crafted prototypes or MVPs, subjected them to rigorous user testing, and presented comprehensive insights and findings in a detailed report. Following this iterative process, we seamlessly hand over the essential assets to facilitate the next steps.


As a partner in ICAx's innovation ecosystem, our role extends beyond mere support to actively fueling their exploration of ideas and concepts. The inherent value lies in the rapid realization of ideas without significant development investments, allowing ICAx to promptly test and validate concepts. From an innovation hub perspective, this streamlined approach becomes important  in identifying and delivering groundbreaking solutions that resonate with the evolving needs and preferences of the target audience. Recognizing the imperative of staying at the forefront, this synergy between our process and ICAx's innovation goals serves as a catalyst, ensuring a dynamic and responsive journey toward discovering the next transformative innovation.