A screenshot of a dashboard giving information about CO2 emissions

The journey of The 2030 Calculator, a revolutionary digital service designed and developed in just 8 weeks. Disrupt the industry by providing carbon footprint impact values in 30 minutes, challenging the standard 3-month timeline. Beyond the design and development, the focus is on winning awards, elevating Doconomy as a startup company, and gearing up for upcoming seeding rounds.

8 weeks

User research

UX Design

MVP development


Multiple awards

A photo of a t shirt, overlaid with information about CO2 emissions

In 8 weeks design, develop and launch an award-winning digital service with the aim of disrupting the industry by introducing an innovative solution that provides a carbon footprint impact value within 30 minutes, a process significantly faster than the current industry standard of 3 months. The primary goals include winning prestigious awards and accolades to effectively market the service and position Doconomy as a startup poised for success in upcoming seeding rounds.


Using our beloved human-centered approach, we expedited the development process by bypassing extensive research to quickly grasp the landscape. Collaborating with environmental and impact database experts, we established the backend structure to support the service. Focusing on enhancing user experience, we designed an interface that ensures optimal interaction and usability in an industry known for slow and complex data retrieval. In a rapid 8-week design and development sprint, Jungle incorporated user feedback through continuous usability testing, ensuring that user perspectives were integrated from the initial idea to the final launch of the service.

A photo of a rack of t shirts, overlaid with information about CO2 emissions

Design and development of the The 2030 Calculator enables manufacturers and brands to calculate the carbon footprint of products in an intuitive and quick way and gives a result that can be used for internal purposes, creating awareness about the carbon footprint of the product and insights into where in the value chain the emissions occur and how they can be reduced.


The launched service enabled securing a substantial investment from Mastercard. Within a year, the service gained traction with over 5000 brands and companies. Accomplishments included winning prestigious awards such as the Grand Prix at Cannes Lion, Grand Prix at Eurobest, Gold Egg (Guldägg), D&AD award, The One Show recognition, and acknowledgment in Fast Company's World Changing Ideas. +53 Million - Earn media reached first week.