A screenshot of a pool-based football betting game

Jungle collaborated with ATG to explore innovative game logics for the sports pool, developing intricate concepts and interactive prototypes. Throughout the design journey, testing hypothetical solutions proved crucial to garner insights for refinement and to enhance understanding of the value provided to both users and the business. Jungle's primary emphasis lies in comprehending the customer's needs and expectations, ensuring the creation of an enriched gaming experience.

8 weeks


User research

UX Design



Comprehensive sport pool game

A screenshot of a list of football matches

Design and develop a brand-new sports pool game offering to rival the established Svenska Spels Stryktipset, with the aim of fostering greater customer loyalty and growth the value for existing customers. ATG sought to collaborate with an external partner to establish a customer-centric product, unrestricted by their existing technical environments. The objective was to unleash unhindered creativity by engaging agency with fresh perspectives, particularly those outside the gaming industry, to break away from traditional approaches rooted in existing infrastructure, to create a social, interactive and user friendly game experience.


Jungle led a 10-member product team at ATG, including 2 Jungle designers. Over 12 weeks, we not only educated ATG staff in the human-centric design process but also created 3 fully interactive prototypes from ATG-generated concepts. Through 4 design sprints, we involved customers, ran simulations, and calculated gaming logic. Sprints focused on social gaming, interactivity for an exciting experience, and personalization to tailor the gaming experience based on individual data and interests. In the final sprint, we consolidated needs and expectations, prioritizing requirements for development. ATG handled the technical development, aligning it with the prioritized design specifications.

A logo that says 'Big9'

A high-quality sports pool game that resonated immediately with the market. As the product was co-created with customers, ATG's leadership, the product team, marketing department, and IT managers, Jungle became the central hub, providing valuable insights to optimize and streamline internal resources for development and marketing. Despite being the most prioritized project in ATG's last decade, it also emerged as the fastest-developed and most resource-efficient product. Two years post-launch, Big 9 stands as a highly popular and established gaming product. An additional benefit is Jungle's creation of a backlog of approximately 200 desired and customer-tested features, ready to continually enhance the gaming experience moving forward.


Achieving an annual turnover of 200-250 million SEK, boasting a 65% repayment rate, and currently standing as a beloved gaming and entertainment experience, Big 9 continues to gain market share  from ATG's major competitors and entering new counties.