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We've worked with Doconomy, ICA, Garageportexperten, SvFF, Hyber, ChargeAmps, Skandia, LÀnsförsÀkringar, Edisen, Stockeld Dreamery, ATG, Plussa, Lylli. See some examples below.

ATG Big 9

ATG wanted to develop a new coupon-based game for the weekend's football matches.

Jungle collaborated with ATG to develop the concept for their new game and design the experience.

ATG adopted Jungle's design thinking approach and took on multiple sprints, consisting of rapid prototyping and user testing. Jungle worked closely with a cross-functional ATG team to continuously iterate the experience over an 8-week period.


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In development

Using Design Thinking to create a new game

We are working with an exciting new client, using Jungle's design process to create a new game!

We worked with a high-paced sprint structure that tested designs weekly and iterated them accordingly - resulting in our most user-tested design so far!

We can't wait to see it in action!


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