We know it can be difficult to get a concrete idea of our services, so we made a store to make it more understandable

Design Sprint

Jungle works with your team to take a problem or opportunity and co-create a new product/service

75 000- 200 000 SEK

Interactive Prototype

We will build a high fidelity, interactive prototype of your idea. The prototype will be a functional MVP optimised for testing

80 000 - 150 000 SEK

UX Audit

We will focus on the user or customer experience of your product or service, identify needs and opportunities, and recommend solutions.

50 000 SEK

Workshop Kit

Need help with workshops? We’ll provide you with everything you’ll need to facilitate the workshop of the year.

7 500 SEK

Jungle Fika

Have a fika with Jungle (online for now). Perfect if you want to get a different point of view on something, or even if you just want a chat.


Ideation Station

Jungle will facilitate an online ideation session for your insight/problem/brief. We will both facilitate and contribute to the solution.

25 000 SEK

Problem Solved

We will solve your problem in just 24 hours! You bring the problem or opportunity and we’ll provide the solution. Low stakes, high reward - give it a go!

25 000 SEK


It’s not all about money, trade something for our services! Are you an oat milk producer? Send us a couple of crates of oat milk and we will give you a prototype in return. Be creative!


Startup Sprint

We offer special help to startups. Together with you we will set up a week-long sprint that will help you move forward. We offer a discounted price and more flexible payments.

depends on the cause